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Sonus brings the next generation of Cloud-based SIP and 4G/VoLTE solutions to its customers by enabling and securing mission critical traffic for VoIP, video, IM and online collaboration.

With Sonus, enterprises can intelligently secure and prioritize real-time communications, while service providers can deliver reliable, secure real-time services for mobile, UC and social applications.

Sonus offers an award-winning portfolio of hardware-based and virtualized Session Border Controllers (SBCs), Diameter Signaling Controllers (DSCs), Cloud Exchange Networking Platform, Policy/Routing servers and media/signaling gateways.


    Sonus Skype for Business


Microsoft Skype for Business

As a premier Microsoft Skype for Business partner, Sonus delivers the expertise required by enterprises to provide an easy, hassle-free migration of their network. Whether you are looking to migrate from a current Lync installation to Skype for Business deployment for IM and data sharing applications or to enable world-wide voice communications, Sonus can help.


Sonus IQ for Skype for Business provides a complete solution to enable enterprises to transition from traditional voice deployments to a Microsoft Skype for Business Enterprise Voice implementation for on-premise, and Office 365 (hybrid) based network architectures.


Sonus IQ delivers:

  • Investment Protection: 3rd party vendor interworking; seamlessly integrates with existing equipment, including third party PBXs (Avaya/Nortel/Cisco), analogue fax and DTMF/IVR solutions
  • Flexibility: implement the solution virtually or in an appliance, providing complete deployment flexibility for IT departments
  • Security: protects against DoS attacks and provides network topology hiding
  • Encryption: prevents unauthorized parties from listening in to sensitive information
  • Reliable and Consistent Quality of Experience: carrier grade quality provided through a fully redundant, high availability architecture
  • Resiliency and Survivability: through deploying survival branch appliance (SBA) or resilient branch appliance (RBA) solutions and utilizing PSTN access
  • QoS Metric Reporting: allow for better call quality and ability to identify network issues early, allowing for troubleshooting/issue resolution to take place before the network is adversely affected  


Key Sonus IQ for Skype for Business Solution Features

  • Sonus Media Gateway/Session Border Controllers (SBC)  integrates Skype for Business security,  disaster recovery, remote survivability and migration in one box
  • Sonus PSX provides centralized policy and routing capabilities that simplify dial plan and Active Directory integration
  • Sonus Insight Element Management System (EMS) delivers a single, enterprise wide, management interface
  • Enables enterprises to maintain or increase voice quality through intelligent packet prioritization when enabling enterprise voice for Skype for Business
  • Assures a quality Skype for Business experience with API integration
  • Scales from tens to tens of thousands of users
  • Fully Integrated appliances purpose build for Skype for Business
  • Supports Call Via Work features
  • Securely and intelligently migrates Office 365 Lync and Lync on-premise deployments to Skype for Business Enterprise


VoiceFuture-Proof Your Network with a Simple, Scalable & Robust Solution


Skype for Business On-Premise Deployment

Large enterprises looking for a highly customizable and flexible voice solution provided by an on-premise deployment will benefit from Sonus IQ's resiliency delivered by SBA/RBA capacity imbedded in Sonus SBCs. SBA/RBA provides local Skype for Business functionality in the event of a WAN failure as well as local calling and dial-around via the Internet so your business is always connected. 

    Sonus On Premise Deployment



Skype for Business Office 365 (Hybrid) Deployment

Growing enterprises that want to leverage Office 365 for all or select Microsoft applications can take advantage of Sonus IQ to enable and deliver a robust Office 365 (hybrid) network architecture for their Skype for Business implementation. Sonus IQ provides the seamless integration needed to deliver resiliency and local PBX interworking to deploy IP voice and PSTN access on-premise, while simultaneously leveraging Office 365 to handle other application workloads.


  Sonus Office 365 Deployment  


 Sonus Session Border Controllers (SBCs)

 Session Border Controllers (SBCs) provide security, interoperability, routing and other functions in a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) network. However, not all SBCs are created equal, and not all SBC customers have the same criteria.


A service provider may be looking for an SBC to support thousands of sessions and broad signaling interworking (to support more peer connections with international carriers); an enterprise may need an SBC to manage dial plans and policies across multiple PBX systems. From small businesses to large operators, Sonus’ has an award-winning and field-proven portfolio of SBCs to meet every need.


The Sonus Difference:

Security from attacks - SBCs are purpose-built to deliver top protection against Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks as well as toll fraud and theft of service


Better transcoding - Sonus SBCs can support high levels (thousands of simultaneous sessions) of transcoding without sacrificing critical functionality such as security or call admissions control


Performance under pressure - Sonus SBCs provide peak performance, even under extreme conditions and full-fledged network attack levels


Lync qualification - Sonus has the broadest portfolio of Lync 2013 and Lync 2010 qualified SBCs on the market


Whether you have an enterprise Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network or you are a service provider offering Unified Communications (UC) services to your customers, Sonus SBCs can help you unify, simply and secure your communications.


Virtualized SBC (SWe)

The Sonus Virtualized SBC (SWe) is the industry’s first software-based session border controller architected to deliver unlimited scalability with the same advanced features and functionality of Sonus’ SBC hardware portfolio on a virtualized platform – without compromise.


SBC 7000 (up to 150,000 SIP Sessions)

Service providers are facing a torrent of insatiable demand for multimedia communications applications across global markets. The foundational strength of the Sonus SBC 7000 is its ability to support high capacity requirements for real-time, multimedia SIP traffic. The SBC 7000 can scale up to 150,000 sessions via simple software licenses, allowing operational teams to expand capacity in days, not months.


SBC 5210 (up to 64,000 SIP Sessions)

The Sonus SBC 5210 Session Border Controller is powerful, compact and purpose-built for the multimedia communications of today and tomorrow. The Sonus SBC 5210 provides all of the features you need in an SBC today – robust security, sophisticated routing and policy management, overload controls, SIP normalization – plus the features you’ll need tomorrow, like IPv4-IPv6 interworking, centralized policy management, built-in media transcoding and high performance under heavy traffic.


SBC 5110 (up to 10,000 SIP Sessions)

The SBC 5110 delivers many of the industry-leading capabilities of the Sonus SBC 5210—robust security, flexible SIP session routing & policy management, media transcoding—at a more attractive price/performance point for Tier 2/3 service providers and medium-to-large enterprises (250 to 10,000 concurrent sessions). With high-end features you won’t find in other "mid-sized" SBCs, the SBC 5110 allows regional service providers and medium-to-large enterprises to deliver a world-class communications experience designed for their world.


SBC 2000 (up to 600 SIP Sessions)

The Sonus SBC 2000 Session Border Controller is an advanced SBC designed to help medium sized enterprise networks (i.e., 50 to 5000 employees) safely and cost-effectively embrace the new world of SIP-based communications such as Voice over IP (VoIP). The SBC 2000 delivers all of the features you would expect from the Sonus family of SBCs, including robust security, high availability and proven interoperability with leading business solutions like Microsoft Lync Server. The Sonus SBC 2000 – like the Sonus SBC 1000 – also allows call to go through even if your wide area network goes down through its unique Survivable Branch Appliance functionality.


SBC 1000 (up to 160 SIP Sessions)

The SBC 1000 Session Border Controller is an advanced SBC built for smaller enterprise networks (from 5 to 500 employees) that delivers robust security, high availability and proven interoperability with leading business solutions like Microsoft Lync Server. The Sonus SBC 1000 also features built-in Survivable Branch Appliance functionality, so calls go through even if your wide area network goes down.


SBC 9000 (up to 30,000 TDM/SIP Sessions)

Based on the Sonus GSX Open Services Platform, the Sonus SBC 9000 Session Border Controller allows operators to satisfy all their security, border control and media services requirements within an integrated, easily managed system. The SBC 9000, which can operate in a hybrid TDM-IP environment or in pure IP applications, is a proven solution that integrates security, call control, Quality of Service(QoS), advanced media services and switching all within a scalable platform.

     Sonus VellOS


 Real-time Service Quality for Unified Communications

 Applications that deliver real-time unified communications, such as Microsoft’s Skype for Business, have specific requirements for low latency, jitter, and packet loss. When delivered across a Wide Area Network, and especially when these applications are provided from a Cloud domain, these requirements are difficult to meet unless there is a method to ensure bandwidth allocation and packet prioritization across the WAN, based on application-aware policies.


This is where VellOS, Sonus’ cloud exchange networking product, comes into play. VellOS was designed to integrate private, hybrid, and public clouds, to support distributed applications and services from enterprises and service providers, into a seamless IT environment.


VellOS provides:

  • Interworking with web-based Portals or APIs whereby business polices can automatically translated into simplified provisioning and WAN configuration;
  • Application aware flow orchestration with specific interworking between Microsoft’s UC SDN Interface and the VellOS API, such that UC traffic will get priority over other IP application traffic on the WAN link;
  • Flexibility to manage connectivity for specific user and/or application requirements on-demand. For example adding video to an existing audio session will change bandwidth requirements;
  • Ability to dynamically implement WAN changes in connectivity based on changes in business priorities; End-to-end visibility into the cloud exchange network bandwidth utilization and usage via metering for management and billing purposes.

VellOS Features


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