Saint-Gobain Ecophon develops, manufactures and markets acoustic products and systems that contribute to a good working environment by enhancing peoples’ wellbeing and performance. Our promise - a sound effect on people - is the core backbone of everything we do.


Acoustic solutions using ceilings and wall panels



How to create a good sound environment


A good sound environment makes for sustainable buildings and happy, healthy people.  In order to create a good sound environment you must first consider the following:

  • what activities that will take place in the room
  • the human sound preferences for those activities
  • the type of room


Ecophon then offers acoustic ceilings and wall panels that will help you create good room acoustics for most types of indoor environments.


Select the type of room you are interested in below to learn more and find the right product.


Enhance the office with Activity Based Acoustic Design


Open-plan offices have become the norm these days as the design promotes communication, collaboration and creativity. Meanwhile though, unwanted noise is by far the number one cause of dissatisfaction in offices.


In order to create office spaces where people can perform a certain activity, and feel good doing it, Ecophon has developed the concept of Activity-Based Acoustic Design. The acoustic solution is reached by defining the space from three perspectives (Activity, People, Space) and finding the common ground, where all perspectives benefit. The solution is then practically achieved using a combination of high quality acoustic ceilings, free-hanging units, wall panels and screens.


Consider these questions when you plan your office:


Activity: What will people be doing in this space (take phone calls, team work or focus in front of the computer)? How much time will be spent communicating and with whom?


People: Who are the people that will be performing the activity? Are they many or few, young or old, do they have any special needs?


Space: Is the space big or small? Where, in relation to other spaces, is it situated? Is it made up of hard surfaces such as concrete walls and ceilings? Are there any fans, projectors or other sound sources nearby?  


So what can a solution look like?

Once you have considered the questions that are relevant for your project, it's quite possible to come up with acoustic solutions that will ensure a happy and productive workplace.


Here's our brief guide to how you can devise these acoustic solutions.







Unified Communications

Communication Solutions



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