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Condeco is the leading global provider of office utilization and workspace scheduling solutions.


We develop and deliver workplace solutions that improve the way people work and how organizations operate across the globe. By listening to our customers, we continue to develop innovative workplace technology that leads the market.


One integrated solution for your room and resource scheduling

Condeco is the leading, most fully featured meeting room management system in the market. We offer a comprehensive, integrated solution that enables you to unify and simplify your workspace management.


A complete solution

Condeco Room Booking offers a seamless user experience. Manage scheduling of meeting rooms and video conferences where you are: via your intranet, in Outlook on your cell phone or right outside the room using Condeco Room Screens.


Room Booking tools

Make better use of your meeting rooms with our industry leading room booking solution.


Desk Booking tools


Enable flexible working and increase space efficiency with our desk booking solutions.


Digital Signage

Help people quickly find available room or desks and manage no-shows with Condeco signage.


Occupancy Sensing

Reduce your real estate cost and gain an accurate understanding of your space needs.



Room Booking





Desk Booking





Digital Signage & Kiosks





Condeco Workspace Occupancy Sensor








Unified Communications

Communication Solutions



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