Promethean's education solutions are designed to help teachers facilitate learning and students develop 21st century skills.




We are witnessing a transformation in the creation and sharing of knowledge, fuelled by the impact of technology in the teaching and learning process.


Redefining The "Classroom" to reflect a connected, knowledge sharing community that is no longer confined to the boundaries of the physical classroom space.





Teachers and students who are connected through personal computing technologies such as laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, and smartphones populate the modern classroom.


New Boundaries

This means “classroom technology” now refers to various tools that help teachers teach and students learn seamlessly – anytime, anywhere.


Our solutions enable the flow of dynamic, interactive content across multiple connected devices. With it, teachers have a scalable way to measure the understanding of every student using formative assessments with live analytics. Armed with this data, teachers can use it to provide differentiated instruction to groups and individual students. Learning is also extended beyond the classroom, with solutions for blended learning, project-based learning and flipped classrooms.


Promethean's Student Engagement Solutions


Our student engagement solutions for the modern classroom are driven by ClassFlow, an interactive lesson delivery system that increases the depth of student and teacher engagement by providing interactive and collaborative use of classroom devices, digital curriculum and assessments for learning.


ClassFlow Desktop, a native app for Windows and Mac OS that allows teachers to instantly turn anything displayed on your desktop into dynamic and interactive lesson content.


The ActivPanel is a large, vibrant, high-definition interactive flat panel display that supports whole-class instruction and up to 10 unique touches for collaborative learning.




The Promethean ActivPanel delivers incredible full HD and 4K Ultra HD picture quality, powerful interactive software and an intuitive touchscreen to create a truly engaging learning experience.


The ActivPanel reveals brilliant colors and crisp details to boost readability ensuring the best learning experience for students. Actively participate in lessons at the display with just a swipe, pinch or zoom. The intuitive interface makes the experience natural whether you’re writing with the digital pen or using multi-touch gestures.




  • Intuitive, responsive multi-touch interaction



  • Interactive flat-panel display optimized for schools


  • Wall-mounted or available mobile stand


Collaborative Learning



Unified Communications

Communication Solutions



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