Proteus Enterprise for Skype for Business


Skype for business has become a key enabler for enterprise users, allowing them to connect with up to 250 users via mobile devices or desktops at the same time, thus empowering businesses to use technology in a simpler way.


For businesses who have invested into this next generation cloud communication service, Proteus Enterprise from CTI Group enables them to analyse their unified communications which include audio, video, instant messaging, conference and peer-to-peer.


Proteus Enterprise has been certified on Microsoft's Skype for Business platform to help businesses leverage business intelligence from their unified communications. It does this by integrating with the call detail record (CDR) interface and analysing data in real time through its costing and reporting engines. When the CDR database is set up and running on the server, the server will store the CDR data. This is retrieved from the SQL server database through an inbuilt custom data source that periodically polls for call data from the database.


Proteus uses a sophisticated browser-based interface which supports multiple browsers. it incorporates dashboards and wall-boards as well as drill down reporting to see finer detail. Users are then able to provide relevant data for company executives, IT and telecom managers, sales and marketing managers and service and support managers.



In addition Proteus enables users to save time by scheduling reports which when produced are available to export in a wide range of formats, which include MS Excel, MS Word, RTF and PDF.


Cloud Security Alliance


According to Cloud Security Alliance, data breaches and cloud service abuse rank amongst the greatest cloud security threats and one key threat is that of insecure interfaces. Built with security in mind Proteus uses highly granular access policies which are defined and limited by the system administrator, thus delivering a secure integration and high levels of data protection. Access policies can also be used to restrict users and groups to specific tasks and reports.


With the wide range of communication activities flowing across your Microsoft Lync platform using the alerting function of Proteus enables system managers to quickly identify specific call types, such as premium rate numbers or calls over a specific duration. In addition the alerting functionality can be used to deliver pro-active alert warnings of service disruption or failure as well as notification of unusual activity trends.


CTI Group's Proteus Enterprise for Skype for Business has been designed to provide businesses with detailed insight and business intelligence across this revolutionary new collaborative communications platform, helping to address issues such as:

  • Identification of cost savings
  • Real-time usage monitoring and exception alerting
  • Capacity planning and trend reporting
  • Productivity improvement
  • Cost analysis and allocation
  • Fraud tracking                                                      





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