SmartTAP Call Recording Solution

Skype for Business Recording Solution


AudioCodes SmartTAP Call Recording is an enterprise-wide compliance and liability recorder supporting Skype for Business. Though most recorders in the market focus on Contact Centre features, SmartTAP is deployed across the enterprise to capture calls, either on-demand or, in some cases, full time, when calls about compliance and liability occur more frequently. With an integral Skype for Business recording toolbar, enterprise users can record with SmartTAP anywhere and anytime they are on Skype for Business calls. SmartTAP can initially be deployed on a small scale and be scaled up to support many thousands of users using the product’s linear scalability feature.


    SmartTap Solution



  • Simple, easy-to-use centralized web-based management interface
  • Convenient Full Time or Record on Demand or Save on Demand options
  • Customizable Call Recording Announcements
  • Maintains all Skype for Business Calls within the Enterprise infrastructure
  • Embedded Skype for Business Client Toolbar
  • Pause & Resume recording for PCI Compliance
  • Robust Search and Playback allowing users to search, retrieve, download and email recordings
  • Distributed solution with branch survivability. Continue to record when WAN is down
  • Quality management with customizable and user definable evaluation forms and reports
  • Robust security with definable granular user security profiles
  • TDM and IP system integrations support hybrid communications environments
  • Support for industry-leading telephony systems such as Microsoft UC, Cisco, Avaya, Allworx, Shoretel and others




  • Recording solution for compliance, liability, quality assurance, security and sales verification
  • Software based licensing for simple deployment and easy upgrades
  • Easily record anyone in the Enterprise including mobile or remote
  • Fully passive recording solution – no user interaction required
  • Powerful, intuitive management system simplifies recording and retrieval operations
  • Can be hosted on AudioCodes Mediant hardware platform reducing hardware costs and footprint
  • Widely deployed solution with successful 3rd party telephony solutions integration

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