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Our in house A/V specialist:
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Consol Audio / Visual and Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is no longer confined to the Executive Boardroom - it has become mobile, personal and increasingly immersive. Video Conferencing allows people to collaborate on a whole new level, from wherever they are, using a variety of different technologies.

Galdon Data can help you deliver effective Video Collaboration on all levels, whether you’re equipping Meeting Rooms with Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Equipment, or empowering users to be truly mobile and collaborate on the go. Galdon Data also provides the platforms that allow interoperability between different systems, both new and legacy. These platforms allow users to connect and share from web-browsers, mobile apps, dedicated room systems and even over the phone – with local and international points of presence.

Our team can help you design, deploy, support and manage your Video Conference environment, ensuring a quicker ROI and happier users.


Crestron Stories - Riverwalk Luxury Apartments

Boardrooms technology can often seem daunting to the average employee. The goal with Room Automation is to simplify the way that people interact with the technology in the room.


Galdon Data specializes in deploying Boardroom Technology that performs any Audio-Visual function quickly and easily - whether you’re looking to share content wirelessly to a screen, or fire up a video conference at just the touch of a button.


This capability extends beyond the boardroom too, with our team ready to professionally design and deploy classrooms, auditoriums, venues and training rooms anywhere in the country.

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